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Minimum Information Model for Dielectric Measurements of Biological Tissues

The dielectric properties are inherent characteristics of biological tissues. These quantities, namely, the relative permittivity and conductivity define the interaction of electromagnetic fields with the human body.

Dielectric properties are used in the design and development of electromagnetic medical devices, including diagnostics such as microwave imaging, and therapeutics such as ablation or hyperthermia.

Dielectric properties are typically measured through a straight forward process. However, the properties may vary considerably based on factors such as temperature, tissue state, and probe position. For this reason, it is important to record relevant metadata during the measurement. With the metadata and data combined, dielectric properties of tissues can be interpreted properly and used in a reliable way.

To facilitate this, the MINDER minimum information model has been defined. This structure includes all key types of metadata and enables sharing sharing of data across studies and applications.

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